Simon Says

Simon Says

Simon Says is a trendy, classic outdoor or indoor game that the young generation enjoys a lot. However, in the conventional game, the kids who the most practice with either determining parts of the body or listening skills are often the first to be eliminated.


You need to follow the direction and stay in-game as long as possible. If you are the last player standing, you are declared a winner and become the new Simon. As a Simon, you aim to dupe the players as much as possible to follow all your commands if they should not.

How to Play

Gather Group of Players: This is a fun and simple game played by kids. Even if it is usually reserved for kids, adults can also play and take pleasure in this game.

Designate the Role of Simon: In the group of players, designate someone who plays Simon’s role. Whoever is selected will stand in front of the others.

Know the Role of Simon: Simon is the commander and leader of the group listeners. He provides instructions to the group. The commands can be delivered in many ways: starting order by saying Simon Says or just state it. Simon’s objective is to eliminate many listeners when possible until there’s only one left who will declare as a winner.

Know Your Role as a Listener: Listeners must pay attention to the instructions provided by Simon. If Simon commands by first telling, Simon Says, you and other listeners should submit the command. If Simon provides instruction without first stating, Simon Says, listeners shouldn’t follow his instruction.

Give Instruction as Simon: As you’re trying to eliminate many listeners, you must try and make instructions tricky and hard to follow. Like for instance, often switch up if you give instructions starting with Simon Says, give instructions quickly, so listeners need to make instant decisions on whether to follow the command or not.

Follow Commands as a Listener: Listeners like you must pay attention carefully to Simon’s instruction. He will try his best to trick listeners into following instructions. It would help not to give the instruction hurriedly. Wait for a second before going to doing a common, to think back is Simon started the instruction by first stating, Simon Says.

Begin a New Game

Continue playing one man is left standing. The remaining player will declare as a winner and become the new Simon. At the beginning of a new play, all the players eliminated are back in the next game.

There is a variation of Simon Says game that involves listeners counting personal strikes once they mistakenly follow or don’t follow a command. He can set many strikes, or strikes are considered as a word’s letters and shall be counted. It depends on the world; players who spell out the whole word are then eliminated for the game’s entire duration. This game can also be translated into a thrilling and exciting activity for all sports teams, especially teams composed of older kids.