Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Are you looking for a fun family game? Do you plan to make family games for your next bonding activity or party? If so, hide and seek is a perfect game option. It’s timeless!

One of the best things about hide and seek is that it brings adults and children back to its generation after generation. Everyone can play it out on the porch or indoors. Then, make some rules about safety, and you are all ready to play.

As a parent, it’s a nice idea to let your kids win. This will make them happy throughout the day.

Hide and Seek Overview

Hide and Seek is a classic children’s game that has been around for centuries, remains one of the most favorite past-times. It is a very basic game. However, different variations also evolved throughout the years. No matter which version you pick, all you need are some spying and hiding skills and a few family members or friends.


The seeker counts aloud while the other players are looking for their hiding spots. The seeker must allow the players to have an appropriate distance and position themselves before he or she finishes counting.

It is essential for the seeker to say “Here I come” to indicate the time for hiding is up. The other players are not allowed to move or change position after the counting until they are found. A player who found last will win the game. Then, the player who gets found first will become the next seeker for the next round.

How to Play

Choose the Players

Recruit players, at least two players—however, the more players, the better and more fun. In case of the age difference, take it into consideration.

Set Down Ground Rules

Without rules, players will hide to places that shouldn’t be. Set down ground rules like who’s seeking, who’s hiding, how long players get to hide, where to hide, and more. Ensure that everyone is safe.

Identify Who Will Be “It”

Determining who is “It” is done in different ways. For example, pick a number out of a fishbowl, the birthday celebrant, or the youngest person in the group might be the “It” first.

Start the Game

After choosing who will be the “It,” he or she will stay at home base, chose his or her eyes, and start counting out loud. The seekers need to his or her eyes closed, hands over his eyes, and facing a corner. Everyone must not cheat.

Go Hide

The players should run off and hide from the one who’s counting quietly. Once a player hits his or her spot, he or she needs to be quiet and still.

Start the Seeking

After the seeker finishes his or her counting, he or she must yell, “Ready or not, here I come!” He or she tries to find all the hiding players. When he or she sees them, he or she must tag them.

For the players, if the seeker is getting closer to discover them, they can move deftly. They can slither or crawl. On the other hand, if it’s too late, it necessary for them to be silent and be still.

Change the “It”

The player who gets found first will become the next seeker in the next round., the player who gets found last will be declared as the winner.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to hide? Or do you want to be one who’s seeking? No matter what your role is, Hide and Seek remains one of the most exciting family games.