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BestYardGames.com is a website built for friends and family looking for fun outdoor and indoor games to play. Below are some of our favorite games, but check out Outdoor Games and Indoor Games for more ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

Everyone can have sun fun under the sun; it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult. You don’t even have to go somewhere far from your home to have some fun. You can bond with your family members and friends and also be active while enjoying some good old-fashioned yard games. It’s one of the best ways to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone and install sportsmanship.

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Right now, staying inside your home is very recommended with everything going around with the world, and that’s why we made a list of some of the best yard games that you can play with everyone. Let’s get started!


This is one of the all-time favorites. If you didn’t know, this game that we call ‘cornhole’ has been a classic yard game on many college campuses and also household yards for a long time, and I think that most of us have probably played this at some point in our lives. There are a lot of different materials that you can use to make a cornhole set, keep in mind that it’s very important that you get a set with a smooth surface so the bean bags can easily slide inside the hole.

Giant Jenga

There is no difference between Giant Jenga and the regular sized Jenga, but there is one distinguishing factor, this Jenga is huge. It starts with wood blocks of 19 blocks, and it stands at 2.5 tall, but it can also grow over 5 feet during the game. You can play this game in your yard, but it can be played inside of your house as well.


Spikeball was seen originally on Shark Tank, and it soon became a sensation. The popularity of this game doesn’t seem like it’ll die down soon. Okay, Spikeball is like volleyball but without that big net. You need to bounce the ball from the netted trampoline, and when you do, so there will be two team players who try to spick the past with the other team. The team who can do that first will get the point or have the chance to serve in the next game’s round. This is a pretty intense game and can give you some good exercise while enjoying it.

Ladder Toss Game

Now this one has many different names, and you might just know or even played it. Some of the names are ladder ball, upright horseshoes, ladder toss, and ladder golf, whatever you call it by, it’s a really great game that you should have in your yard. This is the perfect game that your whole family can enjoy. You need to toss the string that contains two balls on both ends of the string, and you need to try to get them to land on either the first, second, or third rung. The first rung contains one point, the second has two points, and the third has three. When one team reaches 21 points, they are the winners.

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