Musical Chairs

A kid or even an adult party is not complete without a musical chair game. If you’re searching for a fun, exciting as well as thrilling indoor activity, which is ideal for all ages, then musical chairs are the best choice. It is easy to do; all you need to do is to follow the guides below. 

What is a Musical Chairs Game? 

Musical chairs are considered a game of elimination which involves chairs, players as well as music with one fewer chair than participants. Once the tune stops, whichever player fails to sit on a chair will be eliminated. Then one chair will be removed, and the process goes until one player left. 

In Wales, this game had the same custom to the contemporary version, with a bit of disparity. The male players would sit while the female players would skip around, always outnumbering the males. Once a female fail to sit fast enough on the male’s lap, she would be out of the game, and this would go one until one player left. The winning gild will kiss the last male on the cheek. 

The Game’s Main Objective

This activity allows players to develop strategic thinking, social comfort, as well as paying attention to directions. This also hones the attentiveness of the players. 

How to Play the Game

Prior to playing the game, first, you need to ready the required materials such as:


Players 6 to 10 up

Music player or sound system 


  • It is highly recommended to use a lively or upbeat tempo song. It can be modern dance, hip hop, pop, or anything that is lively. 
  • Ensure to have equal numbers of chairs as players 
  • Countdown Starts: The host will count the number of players: 
  • Chair Arrangement: The host will arrange the chairs back to back in the middle of the room. Have the same number of players as you do the chair. 
  • Get Ready: Have them seated and ready as the fun is just about to begin. 
  • Pump Up the Jam: The host will then play a lively music for ten to 20 seconds. 
  • Party Mode Engaged: As the music is playing, the players will start to walk around the chairs while dancing to the beat. The host will eliminate one chair as participants are skipping. 
  • Elimination: The host will pause or stop the music, and players should try to look for an empty chair to sit in. Once a player fails to get one, then he or she will be out of the game. 
  • Declaring a Winner: Repeat the process, continuously eliminating players once they’re left chair-less. The last one standing will be declared the winner. 


Musical Chairs is indeed considered one of the oldest and most exciting indoor games to play. In fact, in every activity in school, students and teachers play this game. However, this game is also played at a family reunion and many other celebrations. This is a good game to bond with friends, hone your attentiveness, and promote camaraderie.