Giggle N Go

With the advent of technology, kids are more attracted to social media while spending less or no time with families. It’s damaging health and relationships, right? To reunite families and friends, giggle N go outdoor games for kids have made a unique approach towards manufacturing a premium quality game for backyard parties and get together. Here’s a complete guide to it!

What is giggle N go outdoor game?

Anyone who desires to spend time with kids generally looks for leisurely outdoor games for toddlers, and there is no doubt about it. Either you want to enjoy family time or do a party with your friends giggle N go outdoor game is here to make your experience worthwhile. An effortless game with multiple options, it is no more an exception.

How to play the giggle N go game?

Before heading towards the rules, the first thing that comes to our mind is the playing method. Follow the playing procedure:

  • Open the box, including the entire game.
  • Lay down the darts mat whenever you want to play either outdoors or indoors
  • Use the pegs included in the package to hold the dart as the weather might get windy.
  • Now take the three inflatable darts and blow them up
  • It’s done now; start the game.

Once you set up the game, follow the game rules included in the package to enjoy playing it altogether. So don’t worry about the assembly; it only takes a few minutes whenever you want to play.

Rules of playing giggle N go game

Every game has some specific rules for effective playing either it’s the kids or the adults. Let’s consider a few necessary rules for playing this outdoor game with ease.

Step 1:

The players will take different turns by throwing three flats turn by turn. The main aim is to hit 1 to 20 on the dart mat in the correct order. That’s because players are only allowed to move on to the following number if they are in a sequence. With this in mind, you have to land on the first number successfully.

Step 2:

Once the first player lands on 20, then they have to land on the flat representing bullseye. The first player among all who reaches this point will win the game. These specific rules should be followed if you want to win.

Tips for playing giggle N go game

Once you get one of the best inflatable games for parties, you have to look at a few tips before playing. Are the tips necessary? Or how do they affect the game? Well, consider the few tips we have mentioned below:

  • Keep a friendly relation among players
  • Don’t throw harshly
  • Make sure you have adequate protection
  • Follow the entire rules

Where to buy giggle N go outdoor kids game?

The most intimidating thing is to find the right place for choosing the giggle N go outdoor game. You have to be a little careful in considering the quality. Although you will find this game at many sites online, we have mentioned below the most accessible way to purchase this exciting game. Furthermore, our package includes everything necessary to play the giggle N go game.

Giggle N Go Outdoor Games for Kids, Adults & Family 


  • Brand: Giggle N Go
  • Style: Monster theme
  • Weight: 1.41lbs
  • Dimensions: 10.83 x 7.91 x 1.97 inches


An extraordinary yet classy choice, this outdoor game by Giggle N Go is here with unique design and unrivaled quality, helping you enjoy either during an outdoor party or in your backyard. Admittedly, a party without outdoor games isn’t complete till the friends make a friendly match. What makes this outdoor game easy-going for kids and adults? Let’s dig a little deeper!

This lawn dart package lets everyone spend quality time with families by taking a few hours out of their busy lives. It offers you both ways, whether you like outdoors or indoors; this game is desirable even within home comfort. That’s no doubt exceptional for users. The game also offers a one-year limited warranty, ensuring that reliability and versatility also go together.

Let’s check what the package includes! You will get a lawn mat with a classic pattern and pegs to hold it tightly no matter how windy the weather is. Moreover, three inflatable darts are included with an easy handling feature. This double-sided mat comes with a unique graphic on one side. However, the other side features a unicorn or monster theme allowing you to choose the kid you like the most.


  • Highly versatile and aesthetic
  • Easy instructions
  • Effortless to assemble
  • Excellent for all ages
  • Great customer service


  • Lacks adequate durability

The Bottom Line

Thanks to effortless assembly and intimidate set up within minutes, this outdoor game is one of the best outdoor inflatable games available on the market. The game will help you get the best-in-class outdoor playing experience with families or friends, from high-end aesthetics to versatile designs. Get great fun at any backyard or party with multiple scoring ways to make the game enjoyable. What are you thinking? Go and grab yours to get the fantastic experience!


Believe it or not, the giggle N go outdoor games for kids have made a long way to eliminate the distance between children and adults. You can now spend quality time with your kids without getting bored, trust me. You get everything from quick and effortless installation to different playing methods while using this high-end outdoor game. After reading the article, we hope that you will know everything from playing techniques to the rules.