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Yard Game Activities – Yard Dice

What Is Yard Dice?

Yard dice are precisely as they sound. They are oversized dice that can be used to play outdoor games at BBQs, events, or on a sunny Saturday afternoon. They are big enough to be seen from far away but small enough that they can be held in one hand. Small children may have to use both hands, but that is part of the fun! Yard dice are an excellent investment for your backyard because the game possibilities are endless.

How to Play with Yard Dice

To play Yard Dice, you need an open space. You want enough room for each person to move around and roll the dice. Ideally, you also have enough space for people to stand around and see the face of the dice after they have been rolled.

Depending on the game you choose, you also need some accessories. Many games require some form of scorekeeping. Opt for a pen and paper for an easy fix or consider getting a sizeable outdoor chalkboard. A chalkboard is ideal because every player can see the score. Once you have a chalkboard, you can use it for your other yard games or as a welcome sign for your backyard events.

Other games may require buckets, hula hoops, or rope rings. If you are on a budget, there is no need to buy any accessories when you purchase your dice. There is an array of games you can play with just your yard dice. But, if you want to extend the use of your dice, consider getting one or two of the accessories.

What Games Can You Play with Yard Dice?


One of the most popular yard dice games is Yardzee, the lifesize outdoor version of the game Yahtzee. Depending on the dice you buy, your game may already come as a Yardzee set. It should also come with a scoring sheet that outlines all the possible dice combinations.

The goal of Yardzee is to get the highest score when you throw the five dice. There are 13 possible combinations, and you need to score at least once in every category. Each player takes their turn throwing their dice. They have three chances to roll their targeted combination. After 13 rounds, the player that accumulated the most points wins.

Snake Eyes

This is one of the easiest games to play. It can be played as a team instead of individual players.

To set up Snake Eyes, place a hula hoop in the ground and mark a throwing line, about 10 feet away. Each team then takes turns throwing their six dice into the hula hoop. If the die lands inside the ring, then the team scores points equal to the face value shown on the die.

There are two ways to win Snake Eyes. The team that scores the highest number of points wins the game. Or, if every die for one team lands on 1, the team automatically wins.

Beat It

Beat It is a yard dice game that can be used to teach strategic thinking. The first player throws three dice. They then arrange the numbers on the dice to make the highest possible number. Take for instance, if the player rolls a 1, 4, 3, the highest number is 431. Once they settle on their number, the next player must ‘Beat It’ with their roll. To make Beat It more challenging, add more dice. This is a simple but great game to teach kids about numbers and values.

Change the game by having the players try to achieve the lowest combination or get closest to a specific number.

Tips for Success

There are very few things you need to do to be successful with your yard dice game. However, it may be a good idea to cut the grass before playing. This gives your dice a better ability to roll. Additionally, avoid storing your dice in an exposed area. They are often made of wood, which can wear down more quickly when exposed to heavy rain.

Conclusion Yard dice is an excellent game for any backyard BBQ. Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy it. You can play a predesigned game or use your imagination and create your own. Either way, adding yard dice to your repertoire is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors.