Yank Me

Do you want an indoor game that is perfect for all ages? Then, it’s time for you to play the Yank Me game.

During gatherings, parties, or simple bonding activities, playing games is one of the best ways to enjoy every moment you are with your loved ones. No matter how busy you are, make sure to have time for indoor games and strengthen your relationships.

For sure, you may already hear about the Yank Me game. In this post, you get more familiar with it and play it for your next bonding activity.

Yank Me Overview

The Yank Me game is today’s one of the most favorite indoor games of all ages. It may look simple, but playing it with time pressure is what makes it challenging. It requires a perfect balance between timing and control.


To play Yank Me, the player should stack cups on top of each other. The challenge is that there are paper slips in between each cup.

From the top, the player will try to yank each cup without letting it fall and destroying the tower. He or she needs to ensure that the cup falls on another cup to another until no papers are left.

The player should complete the game within one minute. Whoever does it first or has the shortest time will be the winner.


In playing the Yank Me game, you will need the following:

  • Four colored plastic or paper cups
  • Three pieces of paper or cardstock
  • Timer

How to Play

The charm of playing the Yank Me is that it will test your patience and fast motion. Once you completed the game at the given time, everything is worth it. To play this game, simply follow the steps below:

Stack the Cups

First, stack the plastic or paper cups to build a tower with paper or cardstock in between each cup. Mind that the number of cups can be adjusted depending on the desired level of difficulty.

Yank Out Paper or Cardstock

Carefully and quickly yank out each paper or cardstock to let each cup fall into another. Keep on doing it until a single stack is formed.

Award Points

If a player knocks the tower over, the in-charge of the game will set it up, and the next player will start to play. Points are awarded to the player who successfully completed the task within a minute.

Benefits of Playing Yank Me

When you play the Yank Me, you will not only enjoy the entire moment. You will also experience the following:

  • Reduced Stress

While you are participating in the Yank Me, there’s a great amount of laughter. Keep in mind that having fun and laughing laughter helps in keeping you happy and healthy.

  • Spend Time Together

Most of the time, family members have their own schedules and different destinations. However, playing indoor games like Yank Me even for a short time is an ideal way to spend time together.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing Yank Me requires constant coordination between the hands and eyes. This is why playing this regularly can improve your hand-eye coordination.

  • New Memories

Whether it is your first time to play Yank Me or not, you will surely gain new, fun memories with your loved ones. Whether you win or lose, the important thing is that you enjoyed it and you spent time together with your family.

Final Thoughts

In a matter of a minute, you can enjoy a lot while playing Yank Me. For your next bonding activity, make sure to include this game. It will not only keep you happy and healthy but also strengthen your relationship with your family and friends. Happy playing!