Toppling Tower

Toppling Tower: What Is It and How to Play

The Toppling Tower game is a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. It requires a little skill and some thought, making it suitable for people of all ages. Young children like to watch the blocks fall, while older kids can focus on developing hand/eye coordination. Adults also like it, so it’s the perfect thing to do when you don’t want to go outside or can’t.

How to Play Toppling Tower

You get 54 blocks, usually with numbers. If you buy the giant Toppling Tower game, you get a dry-erase board with the rules and for keeping score.

Of course, you must set up the tower first, so you stack the blocks in rows of three. The direction alternates at each row. With 54 blocks, you have 18 rows at the beginning. There are numbers, but you should place them facedown and randomly, so no one knows which number is where.

Games are played with two or four players. Your goal is to remove a block from anywhere in the tower and put it at the top. The tower can’t fall during your turn, or you lose. As you continue removing blocks, the tower gets unstable. If one player knows down the tower during their turn, the game is over, and that person loses.

Toppling Tower Rules

There are multiple types of rules, but the standard Toppling Tower rules are as follows:

  • Players may only touch the block they want to remove. This means you can’t hold the tower with the other hand.
  • When you put the block on top, alternate it from the direction of the blocks below.
  • You cannot take blocks from the top three rows – ever.
  • When a player starts to remove a block, it has to be removed, even if the tower is sure to fall.

Variations of Toppling Tower

You can also find some fun rules you can try. Using the numbers printed on the blocks, you can change the rules and add more excitement.

  • The next player is skipped.
  • Reverse the player order.
  • You get to remove another block.
  • You may choose the next player.
  • The next player has to use only one hand.
  • You must skip your next turn.
  • The next player has to remove their block within 10 seconds.
  • The next player has to take the first block touched.

Of course, using the numbers, you can create your own rules. The dry-erase board allows you to do this easily and keep track of them all. Adults might like an alcohol-drinking option for the Topple Tower game.

Each of the numbers represents how many shots to consume or who must drink them.

You can also find other variations. For example, one is called toss-n-go, where you toss a die first to determine which color of block you must remove.

Some blocks have truth or dare questions and things to do to complete the turn instead of numbers.

Tips for Success

Though most people assume that Toppling Tower is a game of luck, there are some skills used. It is best to think about your move when it is your turn. If you are not limited by time (such as having to remove your block in 10 seconds), you can take the time you require. Think about removing a block that keeps the tower upright and straight. Consider removing the middle blocks before taking out the side blocks.

If you are playing the large version, it might be safer to do it outside. Just make sure that the wind isn’t blowing, as that can affect the integrity of the blocks toward the end.

Give yourself and the tower plenty of room to play. As the tower falls, you don’t want it to damage anything, such as vases nearby and televisions.

When making up your own rules, make sure they are clearly visible to everyone. Make sure you all agree to them before starting to make it fair.


Toppling Tower is highly popular with kids and adults. Everyone likes to watch things fall down, especially when someone does it accidentally. You can always create your own rules or play using the standard ones. Pull out this game for parties or whenever it’s dreary outside. It’s also suitable for game nights.