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Top 5 Family Yard Games for 2021 – Our Top Picks & Ultimate Guide

There is no exaggeration in saying that the last year has made us think more about family vacations and camps. From the beautiful luxuries to the best memories, a lot of things are pretty changes, right?  But you can still make the correct memories in your yard.

Either you plan to splash around within an inflatable pool, or you might host a barbeque; having a complete collection of yard games will make it worthwhile. There’s a lot of joy when you get the right one from our list of top 5 family yard games, allowing you to hang out in your personal space with the family.

After getting through many models, we have listed the most reliable ones available on the market to help you find the right one. You can keep yourself and your family members entertained with these exclusive picks. Let’s get right into the detail!

Top 5 Family Yard Games-our picks

1.     PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set The Original 


  • Dimensions: 36 x 23 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 8.45lbs
  • Brand: PutterBall


Here comes our first pick! The latest iteration of the PutterBall Golf Pong Game set comes with durable construction and high versatility. You don’t need to be a professional golfer to enjoy playing this game. Moreover, the blend of pong and golf is exceptionally effortless to play, seriously. Let’s take a closer look!

Firstly, the PutterBall is undoubtedly ultra-portable, so you can bring it anywhere in the backyard to get a reliable golfing adventure. Besides this, you can get a carrying case attached separately. What about the setup? This game is simple and quick to set up, and there is nothing complex to use it. The PutterBall game is fully durable and lightweight, with a high-quality foam construction built to last longer. You cannot neglect the quality support and aesthetic features this game provides to the entire family.


  • Fun for the entire family
  • Instant and effortless setup
  • Decent carrying bag
  • High-density durable material
  • Reliable for both right and left-handed players


  • Putter quality isn’t much reliable

Final verdict

Thanks to the aesthetic design and ultimately quick setup, the game is an exception to provide families quality time. The high-quality material and effortless design make it a more reliable option. From high-end reliability to brilliant performance, the game has got every family covered. The high safety adds more to the versatility.

2.     GoSports Pro Grade Indoor/Outdoor Game Set


  • Brand: GoSports
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 38 inches


Here comes the classy GoSports Pro-grade Outdoor Game set that ensures the durability and practicality goes hand in hand. From highly considerable quality to incredible durability, this game has got all you need, making it one of the fun outdoor games for large groups of adults. Let’s dig a little deeper!

The package includes two targets and a carry case along with six durable rubber bolo balls and rules for better performance. Have you seen the targets are generally pre-glued? Yes! They require effortless assembly within 2 minutes compared to other models.

The game features PVC tubes construction that’s 50% thicker when compared to competitors. It is kids-friendly and perfectly designed for yards. Moreover, the customer satisfaction policy makes it much more considerable compared to other games.


  • Incredibly easy to assemble
  • Premium construction
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Safe and protective for everyone
  • Includes everything you need


  • Not much reliable quality

Final verdict

The Gosport outdoor yard game provides additional performance with high-end features making it appropriate for families. It assists the kids and adults to enjoy while enhancing their concentration; that’s no more than a treat. Without wasting any time, go and grab yours!

3.     GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set


  • Dimensions: 35 x 23 x 6 inches
  • Brand: GoSports
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 27.9lbs


The GoSports Solid Cornhole Set has got you covered with its quality construction and innovative design, especially when looking for high-end performance. The durable support and material make it a top choice for many people. What makes this game unique? Let’s find it out together!

With fully-featured 100% wood construction, the game is premium enough to ensure a varnished surface using mitered corner joints and multiple pinewood durable frames. Without extra work, the boards are 100% easy to use, no doubt.

The set comes with two efficient cornhole boards, eight durable all-weather bean bags with rules, and a carrying case for practical usage. You can now enjoy hours of fun with the family at weekends in the backyard, making it the best for them. Moreover, you can also customize these boards according to your designs, therefore, making the cornhole set ideal for you.


  • Incredibly fun to play with
  • Customizable to set
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Durable and lasting
  • Includes modern aesthetics


  • A bit bulky

Final verdict

When looking for a creative game that also increased your thinking capacity and concentration, nothing can be better than GoSports aesthetic premium wood game that’s reliable enough to provide you a lasting experience. The game has got everything you require to get the best-in-class adventure.

4.     Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game 


  • Brand: Grantville
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 48 x 17.5 x 42 inches
  • Age range: Kids


Here comes the true meaning of high-definition, the Grantville classic game with multi-purpose features that will not disappoint you in any manner. It is genuinely an ideal option for you as it ensures the practicality and reliability go together to provide you brilliant performance. Let’s explore what makes this game a more suitable choice!

To be honest, nothing can be more fantastic than connecting four massive rings in a row with your family. It is designed at 3.5 feet for adults and kids to help them enjoy themselves immensely. What about the convenience? It includes a durable yet solid carrying bag for effortless storage.

Besides this, the game is easy to use with an installation process of almost one minute, and it includes all the necessary instructions. The plus point is that it improved the kid’s strategy planning skills while solving problems, enhancing their everyday thinking. Sounds fantastic, right? Don’t worry, as the disassembly is also easy, allowing you to restart the game with ease.


  • Designed to gift loved ones
  • Easy to assemble
  • Develops skills within kids
  • Great value for money
  • Durable and sturdy construction


  • Lacks a carrying case

Final verdict

The Granville is here with its latest iteration of the brilliant family game when it comes to getting outdoor party Games for adults ideas. You can now enjoy the effortless and quick use of this yard game and get the desired experience.

5.     Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit


  • Brand: Spikeball
  • Color: black and yellow
  • Age Range: adults
  • Weight: 3.53 pounds


Spikeball is here with its latest standard family yard game, allowing them to get a more enjoyable experience than previous models. It ensures that you thoroughly enjoy playing in the outdoors with this ultimate game, and there is no doubt about it. Let’s talk a bit more about what makes this game stand in our list of top 5 family yard games.

This game is a four-player active and fun activity designed for your yards, lawn, and beaches as it looks like a volleyball. That’s what a family is looking for when searching for a yard game. Have you seen the foldable legs? They are designed to make the game more challenging, allowing you to easily store the balls in the closet or trunk.

It offers high-end bounce for beginners, allowing them to get the maximum out of the game. However, professional players get less bounce when playing in the tournament. Therefore, it comes with a completely adjustable net.


  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Reliable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Foldable premium quality legs
  • Great for adults
  • Adjustable and well-constructed net


  • Not very sturdy

Final verdict

Family games are all designed to help you spend quality time in the evenings. This Spikeball family game offer brilliant performance allowing the players to come across each other whether they are beginners or professionals.

Things to consider while getting the top 5 family yard games

When it comes to buying the best backyard games for families, you need to be very careful. As the whole family is involved in this adventure, you must be aware of the durability and material. You might be confused about buying suitable yard games, right? But no need to!

It would help if you had guidance for getting suitable yard games for you. There must be all the features combined that will fulfill all your requirements. Now, what do you have to do? How will you know the game is perfect for you?

Our list of top 5 family yard games, along with this ultimate guide, will help you choose the best one. Follow up the guide mentioned below with all the necessary features that make it an exception.

  • Size and weight

The foremost thing you need to consider when getting a family yard game is the size and weight. The game must be large enough to be played by all family members as necessary. Nothing can be worse than getting a family game that more than two people cannot play. As a result, you should choose wisely!

Secondly, weight is equally important, like the size. A bulky game is daunting to play, especially for the kids. You should get a game that’s compact and lightweight, allowing the family to play hassle-free and enjoy up to a greater extent.

  • Durability

Another crucial factor that needs your consideration is durability. The durability makes it easy to get the most suitable family game as it makes it last for more extended periods, no doubt. You need to look for a game with additional durability and high-quality material that allows it to use for years after years. All the games mentioned in our list are entirely durable, so you can choose the one that suits you.

  • Protective features

The protective a game is, the more reliable it will be; seriously. Look for the protection and safety features carefully as your family’s safety is more important than anything. Any yard game with high-end security is considered perfect for families to enjoy either during vacations or parties, making them the best for you.

  • Price

Limited-budget people find it hard to invest in getting a costly yard game. But wait! Purchasing a family yard game with a high price tag is never a solution, trust me. It might provide you with a luxurious playing adventure, but don’t go for it if you are on a low budget. It’s reliable to get a budget-friendly game that contains all the necessary features to provide you with a premium experience.  

  • Ergonomic features

Lastly, ergonomics are pretty essential to consider. A game should be effortless to install with a manual guide to help you deal with it effectively. Moreover, it should provide quick and easy using mechanisms, making it ideal for families. As a result, take a look at the ergonomic features before getting into a specific model.

The Bottom Line

Overall, suitable family yard games can turn your backyard into an adventurous place for the entire family, no doubt. Whenever the weather turns excellent, people plan to go outside and play, isn’t it? But our list of top 5 family yard games will make that time more enjoyable and peaceful.

Getting the proper collection of top yard games 2021 will make you socially distanced and highly safe when playing with family and friends of all ages. Therefore, make the right choice by keeping your purpose in mind and get a fantastic experience. 

After getting through the details, you can find the most appropriate model that suits you perfectly. I hope you get the best experience.

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