OutDoor Carnival Games

Everyone desires to embrace a moment when they are together with family or friends. But nowadays, social media has taken the place of playing an outdoor game, isn’t it? You cannot neglect the importance of spending time with loved ones at different events, and with the suitable outdoor games combo sets, you can get it done uniquely. Let’s explore more about what you need to know about the outdoor carnival games.

What is 3 in 1 outdoor carnival game?

Generally, carnival games are the talk of town either at family festivals or multiple parties. Whether the children or adults enjoy it equally because of its ease of use and numerous playing modes, it’s worth investing in buying one combo game set and enjoying it for years. So let’s get started to know more about these 3 in 1 outdoor carnival games.

How to play the game?

Admittedly, it’s essential to know the basic process of playing a 3-in-1 carnival game as it makes your purchase worth considering. Let us tell you in steps that make your gameplay fantastic. The steps include:

  • Find an appropriate place for playing, such as either indoors or outdoors.
  • The multiple rings with different color codes and 12 bean bags and cones will help you play the game in two different modes.
  • In the first mode, you can use the rings and sandbags to play a game allowing players to throw the sandbag inside each circle. The one that throws maximum bags inside the ring will win the game.
  • In the second mode, you can use different color cones by playing them at a distance. Players have to throw the rings inside the cones, and the player who throws maximum will win the game. You can play the game in teams also.

Carnival outdoor game rules

Before heading towards the review, you must know how to play a carnival outdoor to enjoy immensely at a birthday party or a beach. Are there any rules? Is it compulsory to follow the rules? If you want to play this game and get the maximum fun out of it, it’s crucial to follow the rules. Let us show you a few rules that are worth considering!

  • Firstly consider what you require! The rings with multiple colors are generally included in the package.
  • Besides this, one score sheet with two stakes. And BOOM! Now you can play the game as these are basic rules.
  • Secondly, consider the number of players. Will you find two teams or even two players are enough? It all depends on you.
  • The game rule is when the first team reaches 50 to 100 points, and they win.
  • Get yourself ready and start playing

Tips for 3 in 1 outdoor carnival game

Whenever you desire to play a 3 in 1 outdoor carnival game, it’s pretty necessary to consider a few points before getting into the game. Once you get the right tips, you can effortlessly play this game with ease. Here are the tips:

  • The rings must not be thrown accidentally as it can harm other players
  • Ensure that your coordination is right
  • The material should never be toxic as it can affect the skin
  • It must be kids safe and environmentally friendly

Where to buy 3 in 1 carnival outdoor game combo?

Many options are available once you need to, but the most suitable 3 in 1 outdoor carnival game. Various top-notch brands are consistently manufacturing quality outdoor games combo sets to provide users the ultimate fun adventure.

Surprisingly enough, we highly recommend the unanscre 31PCS 3 in 1 carnival outdoor games combo set that’s a perfect blend of durability and practicality combined. Therefore, consider getting this model as it will not disappoint you in any manner.

Unanscre 31PCS 3 in 1 Carnival Outdoor Games


Let’s just say Unanscre has made a unique approach towards manufacturing some breathtaking carnival outdoor games that ensure practicality and versatility go hand in hand. This latest 31 PCS 3 in 1 carnival outdoor combo set is explicitly designed to provide you the best-in-class experience, trust me. Let’s get started to know more about its durable features!

Let’s see what the package includes! The box features twelve colorful rings with one carrying bag and twelve bean bags with six cones providing you all the essentials needed to play the game. Is it only for children? Here’s a big NO! It’s great for adults as well.

The plus point is that this game lets the kids discriminate among multiple colors while enhancing their hand-eye coordination greatly. Moreover, they will know to play in team cooperation. You can also create numerous combination modes with these cones and ring toss.

Don’t forget to consider the construction! The safe material makes the game ultra-durable and safe, no doubt. This combo set has amazed the users with odorless material and strong stitched bean bags with polyester fabric. Furthermore, it ensures that the kids are safe and nothing harms the environment. It is ideal for parties, either a birthday party or a carnival party it will help you organize things perfectly.


  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Non-toxic and odorless material
  • Keep kids active


  • A bit expensive

The bottom line

Thanks to the built-in quality and construction, this outdoor carnival game is no more an exception. This combo carnival set has everything a user needs to get the most fantastic experience, from safe and environmentally-friendly material to multiple game combinations to perfect packaging. You can now enjoy with family and friends at different events and make the time memorable.


Overall, getting the best 3 in 1 outdoor game set is no more than a treat for many users, seriously. But wait! Before getting into a game set, you must know everything about how to use it correctly and the benefits, right? YES!

From the best way of playing carnival outdoor games, rules to tips, we have mentioned everything to provide users a comfortable yet enjoyable playing experience.