Bottle Bash

Without a doubt, a bottle bash outdoor game is the perfect option to pursue on your beach days, barbecues and family gathering, and many more.

It is a simple yet enjoyable fun drinking game allowing you to play effortlessly. With the proper bottle bash standard outdoor game set, you can enjoy up to a greater extent with friends or family.

Here, we have done a detailed analysis of everything you need to know about the bottle bash outdoor game. From playing techniques to rules and tips, these are undoubtedly the best game for families to play together.

What is bottle bash outdoor game?

Before heading towards the details, you must know what bottle bash games are about. Generally, the bottle bash games include multiple virtual elements of the entire outdoor games, either tailgating or beach games.

From throwing, teamwork, and strategy along with offense, it includes everything in the gameplay. Bottle bash is undoubtedly a fun and simple yet convenient Frisbee game. That makes it easier for both children and adults.  Furthermore, the game is effortless to learn and is challenging and fun to help you improve the game.

How to play bottle bash game?

The foremost thing to know is how you will play the bottle bash game. It requires a complete guide! Follow up the steps mentioned below for appropriate performance.

·        Bottle Bash Setup:

Firstly, you should know the setup process. You have to space the poles either at 20 feet or more, depending on your skill level. If you are an experienced player, you can space the poles at 40,’ but it’s preferable to space it close to 20 if you are a beginner.

Now, you can put the bottles on the top of the pole and choose the teams. Make two teams, each including two players. Ensure that the team members standoff the same pole

·        Playing Bottle Bash game.

Once set up is done, flip a coin to make a toss and see which team wins. The winning team will go first. One player will hit the bottle with the disk, and the defense will try to catch the disk before it hits the ground.

However, the defending team will not move at that time. After that, they will throw the Frisbee back to secure points. The game will continue the same way.

·        Scoring Points:

Any team will only get the points whenever the bottle or frisbee hits the ground. Here are the scoring instructions:

  • Any team will get one point if frisbee touches the ground
  • Two points are awarded for bottle hitting the ground
  • When both the frisbee and bottle hits the ground team gets three points

Generally, teams play for 21 points, and one team must win by at least two points.

Bottle bash game rules

Bottle bash game requires your attention whenever learning the rules. Are there any specific rules to follow? Here’s a big YES! You should follow the appropriate controls to make yourself a champion.

Generally, the game requires four players with two teams. But wait! You can also opt with one-on-one. Besides this, you will find some unique scoring options, and they are great to get the game on-line.

If the rival team catches the discover the front pole, you will get additional two points. But when they knock on their bottle, it also provides you two points.

Other than this, both the learning and setting the bottle bash game is relatively easy, and you can practice the skills and put your aim. Gather three of your favorite people and enjoy this exciting game.

Bottle bash tips

There is no exaggeration in saying that bottle bash outdoor game is effortless to learn. But it requires you have to follow a few tips to play it ideally. Here are a few playing tips:

  • Ensure to sharpen the defense and offense before getting into this game
  • It is reliable for kids of age eight and above
  • You will get an easy setup allowing you to take the game wherever you desire to play.
  • Ensure that you play competitively
  • Avoid making conflicts during the game

Where to buy a bottle bash outdoor game set?

When it comes to bottle bash outdoor game sets, plenty of platforms will offer you multiple choices to choose from. But wait! Are they all genuine? Will they provide you the desired experience?

You can get the below-mentioned game set from Amazon to ensure durability and quality hand in hand doubt. You can enjoy by getting these family games at the beach, trust me. 

Best bottle bash outdoor game set review:

Bottle Bash Standard Outdoor Game Set 


  • Brand: Polish Sports
  • Material: metal
  • Color: original
  • Dimensions: 18 x 11.63 x 3.13 inches


Here’s our best bottle bash standard outdoor game set! Polish sports have amazed the users with its ideal kit to provide the users endless fun with the whole family either at the beach, campground, or the backyard. Here’ why!

Thanks to the quick installation requiring a few seconds, this game set is perfect for traveling. Furthermore, you can play the game on 20 to 40 foot extended areas while depending on how skillful you are.

This game will improve eye-hand coordination. That’s because it enables the players to remain active while throwing the disc. Besides this, it offers a multi-surface base and multiple built-in durable cup holders, helping you use the game on different hard surfaces. 

The package includes two non-breakable bottles and two decent telescoping metal poles. You will get a durable built-in scoring system for convenience. You will also find a storage bag for easy traveling.


  • Ever-lasting quality
  • Convenient yet compact carrying bag
  • Quality scoring system
  • Effortless to learn


  • Not much sturdy

Final verdict

Thanks to the high-end quality and powerful aesthetics, this polish sports bottle bash game comes with high-grade construction and benefits, making it one of the best American beach games for youth. From promoting teamwork to allowing the users to play anywhere, this game is highly convenient to consider.


Overall, when it comes to the best packable beach games 2021, bottle bash holds a top position. The game provides ultimate options for families to enjoy wherever they want with this effortless and quick learning game. After getting through the details, you will know how to play bottle bash with all its rules and techniques.