Best Camping Games for Kids 2021 – Reviews & Comprehensive Buying Guide

Camping is a fun activity, but buying camping games is not easy at all. A wide range of options is accessible, making it harder to pick up what will excite your kids the most. Subsequently, after doing lots of research, we are here with the best ready-to-play fun camping games for kids. It will make your camping trip more exciting and memorable.

Best Camping Games for Kids 2021

Here is the list of the best camping games for kids. Keep reading to know more in detail about each of the following. Click on any name below to be directed to Amazon.

  1. Throw Throw Burrito
  2. Bottle Bash
  3. Beat That 
  4. Find & Seek Scavenger Hunt
  5. B3 Bean Bag Buckets

1.   Throw Throw Burrito – Card Game Meets Dodgeball

Throw Throw Burrito

Throw throw Burrito is one of the most famous camping games. It is a unique cross of a card game with dodgeball for youngsters. It is also known as the world’s first ‘dodgeball card game’ that you might have never played before.

This game is all about playing cards and tossing burritos to have fun. It is simple and requires some physical hustle. In addition, the game moves at a fast pace with no turn-taking. It gets messy, chaotic, and gets over quickly, which makes it even more exciting.

What does it include?

It involves 120 cards, seven tokens, ‘fear me’ badge and two adorable inflatable burritos that are soft enough to throw to your friends and family while playing.

How to play?

In this game, you first need to distribute five cards to each player. Place 15 cards for the draw pile and the remaining ones in the center, along with burritos. The principle of the game is to collect the matching sets before the opponent does and earn maximum points. But here comes the twist, some cards trigger burrito battles; you need to throw and dodge squishy airborne burritos while playing cards. It means that you can lose your points if you get hit by burritos.


  • Quick & Easy to Learn – This game is more straightforward with no complex rules for kids.
  • Creatively Themed – Playing cards with bright colors and fancy foam burritos seem attractive to kids.
  • Multiple Battles – It offers various sorts of battles, including burrito brawl, war, and duel so that your kids would not get bored.

Recommended Age – 7+ years

Game Duration – 15 minutes to play

No. of Players – 2-6 Players

Brand – Exploding Kittens LLC


  • Simple premise
  • Inexpensive
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Highly Interactive


  • Only two burritos

Final Verdict: 

Throw throw burrito is a silly yet enjoyable game. It is what kids love to do, i.e., throwing things at each other. It is quick to learn and teach to your kids. It usually requires a somewhat larger area to play; thus, it is among the best fun camping games.

2.   Bottle Bash – Best Outdoor Game

Bottle Bash is a classic tailgate-style game. It has a very simple concept that makes it addictive to individuals with competitive nature. Interestingly, this game is a fast-paced, flying disc outdoor game that is for all ages. It keeps everyone active and sharpens your offense and defense, making you more competitive.

If you or you are fond of playing frisbee, then this camping game is for you. Its lightweight and compactness make it ideal for bringing on camping trips.

What does it include?

Bottle Bash includes two non-breakable life-like bottles, two adjustable aluminum poles with a built scoring system, and a high-quality flying disc in a storage bag. 

Bottle Bash on Amazon

How to Play?

The game is based on flying the disc to the opponent’s pole, knocking the hanged bottle as a primary target to score points.

The opponent strives to catch both the frisbee or the knocked bottle in defense before hitting the ground to minimize the chances of points. Fall off the frisbee worth 1 point, whereas bottle worth 2 points to the offense. However, if they got caught, the points go to the defender. 

Key Features: 

  • Lightweight & Portable – The game is portable due to its lightweight. It incorporates a drawstring bag that makes it easier for you to carry it along with you.
  • Durable – Both the frisbee and bottles are made of sturdy plastic material. Also, they offer multiple versions with improved quality, but they must be expensive.
  • Easy Set-up and Pack-up – It would not take much of your efforts or time to set up or teach it to your kids.

Recommended Age – 8+ years

Game Duration – No Limit

No. of Players – 2 or More Players

Brand – Poleish Sports


  • Highly durable 
  • Portable
  • Sturdy Design
  • Playable by everyone


  • A bit costly
  • Tough for kids

Final Verdict: 

Bottle Bash is a sort of testing game that kids would love to play again and again. The overall game is easy to play. It is full of excitement, thus buying it worth each penny.

3.   Beat That – Family Friendly Game

Beat that
Beat That!

Beat That is one of the top-rated family-friendly camping games. It contains funny, tricky, and outrageous challenges. It aims at betting your ability to do a series of challenges using the equipment.

It is one of the perfect family camping activities that offers so much fun and laughter. It is an excellent choice for everyone as it contains cards with varying challenges. You can pick out easy ones for kids during difficult ones for adults at your convenience.

Beat that encourages kids to build their self-confidence. Also, it improves their coordination or team working skills along with playing. 

What does it include?

Beat That contains several pieces of equipment in a compact box, including 160 challenge cards, 80 betting tokens, 10 cups, five balls, four dice, chopsticks, memo pads, tape measure, and a sand timer.

How to play? 

Playing Beat That is quite simple. You can start the game by giving ten tokens to each player, then deciding who goes first by rolling the dice. The one with the highest dice number has to pick up the first challenge card and read it aloud. All players have to bet coins of different worth (1,3 or 5) considering their ability to do it or not and attempt the challenge. Those who accomplish the challenge win points while others lose it. This way, the game goes on for ten rounds, and the one with the highest points wins the game in the end.

Moreover, the game lets you do four types of challenges: Solo – single player, Battle Royale -all players against each other, Buddy Up -in pairs, and Duels -head-to-head or one-to-one.


  • Easy to Learn It takes no time to set up and quick to learn also.
  • Family Friendly -This game can be easy or challenging to play, depending on your chosen challenges. Hence, it works best for both kids and adults to play. 
  • Re-playable –You can play it many times without getting bored.

Recommended Age – 9+ years

Game Duration – No Limit

No. of Players – 8 Players

Brand – Gutter Games


  • Easy to carry
  • Multiple playing options


  • Few challenges are risky for kids

Final Verdict

Beat that is all about picking up the challenges and having some real-time fun. Both kids and adults would love to play this game. It gives you a reason to talk and laugh all day long over your silliest actions to fulfill the challenge.  So, if you are looking for fun camping games for families, this is an ideal choice.

4.   Find & Seek Scavenger Hunt – Nature Exploring Game

Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt is one of the nature-based kids camping activities. It challenges kids to look for different things made on cards, including items, colors, textures, etc. Interestingly, little ones or non-readers can play it too by recognizing images painted on the cards. Hence, it can give a good learning experience, encouraging kids to notice nature while camping.

What does it include?

It has 35 Find and Seek cards along with 2 instructions cards in a drawstring bag.

How to play? 

Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt is playable in 3 different ways as per the instructions card. Firstly, give five cards to each player and ask them to find matching items first to win the game. Secondly, only one card is flipped over the desk, asking all the players to find the item that matches this specific card first. Lastly, assigning three cards to each player and some rules and reminders on treating the mother, nature. 


  • Small & Portable -This card game is packed into a handy pouch that is light and compact. Thus, it is easy to carry a game that makes it highly portable.
  • Versatile -The instruction card suggests three different ways to play. Hence, it makes it more exciting and re-playable.
  • Learning With Fun -It is valuable for building kids’ language and vocabulary while having fun.

Recommended Age – 3+ years

Game Duration – No Limit

No. of Players – Not Specified

Brand – Hapinest


  • Natural theme
  • Easy to play 
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Portable & Durable 
  • Appealing design


  • Cards get lost or damaged by kids

Final Verdict: 

Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt is a good one among the fun camping games for kids. While camping, it let kids explore things around either cooperatively or competitively. Hence, it is a perfect activity to entertain your kids.

5.   B3 Bean Bag Buckets

Bean Bag Bucketz is a vogue mixture of two classic conceptual games like bean bag toss and frisbee golf with points-driven methodology. It is common among family camping activities that keep kids and grown-ups involved in playing. It is preferable for camping as you can play it either indoor or outdoor.  

It is lightweight and portable while camping. You can quickly assemble it in a matter of minutes or break it down to store it back in a carry case.

What Includes? 

B3 Bean Bag Bucketz contains a game tower, seven buckets, and 16 bean sacks (eight yellow and eight blue), all packed in a B3 branded carry bag.

How to play?

Bean Bag Bucketz requires at least two players or teams. You can set up the stand on the surface, attaching the numbered baskets up and down as each bucket worth different points. Then, arm both teams with eight bean bags each. They take turns by tossing beans bags into the basket, scoring points. The high-scoring team in a round wins that round, whereas the team that scores 21 points wins the game.


  • Quick Set-Up -This game contains a telescopic game tower that makes it easy to set up within few minutes. 
  • Multiple Players -It allows a maximum of 16 players to get involved in the game at a time.
  • Fun & Interactive -Bean Bag Bucketz is a competitive yet delightful game. It engages the players through continuous interaction.

Recommended Age – 8+ years

Game Duration – No Limit

No. of Players – Maximum 16 players

Brand – B3


  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Flexible & Customizable
  • Adjustable Buckets and Tower Heights 
  • Sturdy & Durable Design  
  • Multiple players
  • Easily Portable


  • Expensive

Final Verdict: 

Bean Bag Bucketz is a challenging yet exciting game. It is workable not only for children but for all ages. Hence, it is a good choice on your camping activities list and can bring life to your camping trip. 

How to Pick Up the Best Camping Game for Kids 2021 – Buying Guide 

Here is our detailed buying guide to get your hands on the bestfun camping games for kids.

·      Look For Family Games 

Most of the kids love to play with their adults, including parents, grandparents, or caregivers. Keeping this in mind, you must look for fun camping games for families, for example, cards that turn out best for both kids and adults. Moreover, you must check the recommended age written along with the description on the game box. Try to purchase games according to your kids’ age range. 

·      Lightweight and Portable Games

While camping, it is always difficult to carry lots of things alongside you. Therefore, you should go for compact, easily accessible, and portable camping games rather than choosing big or heavy items. 

·      Easy to Play Games

Kids usually are in a hurry to get things done themselves. They get frustrated over complex items. That is why we suggest you buy simpler camping games that are quick to learn and easy to play for kids. Doing so will preserve your time and energy with no compromise on fun. 

·      Check Game Requirements

Different camping games demand differently, like you may need an open area to play battle bash, whereas you can play cards in a comparatively smaller space. So, you need to analyze the available opportunities and pick up the game accordingly to bring for camping, or otherwise, it would be of no use.   


Kids get bored of things more quickly as compared to adults. While camping, it becomes difficult to entertain them. Be that as it may, carrying some fun camping games alongside you while camping is ideal for engaging kids in creative activities.

It not only let them have joy but also ensures that they learn or experience something new. That is why we recommend you pick the best camping games before venturing out from home.

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