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5 Backyard Games for Kids 2021: Our Top Picks and Notable Guide

Do the tablet-friendly, mobile loving, and hi-tech kids know anything about going out for playing? Here’s a big NO! But wait! Let’s introduce the kids to 5 Backyard Games for Kids to let them enjoy the day up to a greater extent.

Remarkably, these games will help you improve their outdoor adventures while convincing them that outdoor games are more fun than electronic equipment. These Fun Games allow the kids to use their intelligence along with enhancing their knowledge. The games are unique and fast-paced as like their electrical counterparts.

After hours of research and taking experts’ advice, we have compiled the five top-notched backyard games for kids to help them experience the art of outdoor activities. So let’s get started to know more about the exclusive picks!

5 Backyard Games for Kids 2021

1.  Banzai Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers


Banzai Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers

Here comes our top pick! BANZAI’S one of the top-line products, the Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers, comes with an award-winning construction. That’s what kids will love to play with! Explicitly build with high-end design and lightweight formation, these Bumpers have got your back. What makes these Banzai Bumpers a top-notch choice? Here are the reasons!

Let’s talk about the material! The bumpers feature PVC construction, making them ultra-durable and sturdy to last for extended periods. Besides this, the vibrant color selection enables the kids to choose their favorite color bumper and enjoy this outdoor game immensely.

The package includes a repair patch and two durable yet pretty body bumpers. The plus point is that it allows a fantastic belly-to-belly bumping mechanism, which makes it exceptional to the kids. It is highly compact to deal with, having 25 inches L x 25 inches W x 23 inches H dimensions.

What’s more? The bumpers come with a safe yet enjoyable cushioning surface that’s entirely inflatable to keep the kids protected while playing. Moreover, it comfortably fits along the body with open arms for enhanced movement. Children from ages 4 to 12 can effectively enjoy playing with these bumpers in their backyards.


  • Convenient to use
  • High-quality material
  • Good value for money
  • Vibrant colors to choose


  • Blowing up is a bit daunting


With brilliant aesthetics, compactness, and decent build, this Banzai Bump is genuinely an enjoyable game. That’s what kids love to do in the backyard, isn’t it?  Trust me, the effortless assembling and quick installation make this game one of the best Kids Backyard Games. The ease of use and high-grade quality, along with color ranges, add more to the versatility.

2. WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit


WOWMAZING is now up with its latest Giant Bubble Wands kit that delivers tremendous performance compared to previous models.  The kids will love the options and premium quality that it ensures. Let’s dig a little deeper!

Wowmazing Giant Bubble Wand

Have you seen the unimaginably massive bubbles it creates? Well, these are no more an exception, seriously. Thanks to the versatile 2-handle design that allows the bubble to produce giant bubbles, it is consistently used to create a bubble world record for the last 35 years.

Surprisingly enough, the WOWMAZING Wands kit is manufactured in the USA and is completely safe. Moreover, it’s biodegradable and environmentally friendly, focusing more on quality than design. You will enjoy premium and superior performance while keeping all the safety factors in consideration.

The kit includes all the essential components kids will need to produce giant and colorful bubbles. It contains two bubble concentrate pounces and a massive set for bubble making. You cannot neglect the booklet; it includes all the tips you need to become the master of this game.

This high-quality bubble maker is perfectly durable to last longer for kids. The ease of use and colorful design also makes it a top choice for preschool children. It can be a wonderful gift for both girls and boys, and they can play anywhere, whether in the backyard, beach, or even parks.


  • Incredibly durable and sturdy
  • Ultra-lightweight construction
  • Brilliant design
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly


  • A little expensive


Are you searching for one of the most anticipated Outdoor Party Games for Kids? Nothing can be better than the WOWMAZING Giant Bubbles game that’s kids love to play repeatedly. This game is perfect for outdoor adventures from colorful, enjoyable, and quality design, and even if you want to gift it to anyone, it’s truly unique.

3. ThrillZoo 51 Reusable Water Balls for Kids 


ThrillZoo 51 Reusable Water Balls Water Balloons

ThrillZoo has marked its name in the kids gaming world due to its unrivaled performance and aesthetic design. These reusable water balls are the top-line ThrillZoo product that’s the perfect depiction of its legacy, no doubt. What makes the water balls unique? Let’s find it out together!

Let’s see what the set includes! There are 51 multiple colors reusable water balls that are simply amazing, trust me. Moreover, you will get a full clip bag to carry them anywhere you want. The package includes 17 red, 17 green, and 17 blue water balls to efficiently hang in the trampoline net or the carrying bag.

The water balls are incredibly softer than you imagined, making them child-friendly while keeping the kids safe throughout the playing sessions. The premium quality cotton material is highly water absorbent, and along with durable construction, it is long-lasting for years without any deformation.

You are not required to fill or tie the balls compared to the typical water balloons. You can soak the balls in water, and BOOM, they are ready to use. Once used, you have to put them in the storage bag for appropriate drying and ready to use for the next activity.


  • Superior quality
  • Ideal storage and fully compact
  • Reusable water balls
  • Highly premium construction


  • It May hurt when you hit from a distance


Without a doubt, these ThrillZoo water balls for kids are an ideal combination of softness and durability. The kids will enjoy using these high-grade balls on all occasions. If you are looking for an outdoor game in the summers, the ThrillZoo has got you covered with the most fantastic game to cope with summers. You can enjoy playing with the kids with such a fun game, isn’t it?  

4. Giant Tumbling Timber Toy


Giant Tumbling Timber Toy

Here we go with the latest iteration and the master of kids gaming by Giant Tumbling, the series Timber Toy that undoubtedly packs a punch of durability and practicality. There is no hyperbole in saying that this game is one of the best on our list. That’s mainly designed to increase the child’s performance up to a higher level. Let’s consider the features in detail!

This game can let the whole family enjoy it! With this wooden block game, children of every age can enjoy hours of entertainment, trust me. The thrill and joy will ensure that the kids and adults get an enjoyable family time.

Let’s talk about the construction! The block features premium 100% pine wood material that ensures lasting durability. It can also withstand wear and tear and works reliably under harsh situations. You will get a superiorly designed carrying case enabling you to store all pieces conveniently. The pieces can fit ideally in the bag having two handles for effortless carrying.

Furthermore, you can use the game indoor and outdoor such as in the events like picnics, baby showers, BBQs and camping, etc. There are 20 blocks that are numbered to produce the rules you desire, making the game highly customizable. 


  • Incredibly easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Multiple uses
  • Fully customizable and aesthetic


  • A bit bulky


The Giant Tumbling Timber Toy is one of the ideal Games to Play, either outdoor or indoors. It is specially designed to enhance the kid’s intelligence with multiple puzzling options to improve creativity. You can now enjoy such a versatile game at a budget-friendly pace. Unfortunately, the durable construction and breathtaking quality make it a more suitable option.

5. Hapinest Outdoor Indoor Card Game for Kids


Hapinest Outdoor Indoor Card Game for Kids

There is no exaggeration in saying that Hapinest has brought innovation in all aspects of life, from indoor to outdoor games, mainly for the kids. This indoor-outdoor game for kids is the top-line game by Hapinest that automatically takes care of the kid’s needs. The brilliance offered by this game is unbeatable, no doubt. Here’s why!

Unfortunately, this seeks and fined Scavenger Hunt game is the most enjoyable game pushing the whole family to play, whether outdoors or indoors. Yes! This fun activity game is the best partner of many children.

What about the package? The package includes 35 seek and find cards with two additional instruction cards along with one durable drawstring bag making the game ideal for traveling and trips. You can take the game along with you to the backyard, camping area, and the park.

Moreover, the kids will discover the world and nature with this exciting game. It also includes the necessary instruction you will need to play this game in multiple ways. The best part is that even nonreaders can enjoy this game only using picture recognition.


  • Quick to learn
  • Both for indoor and outdoor
  • ideal for picture recognition
  • eco-friendly and durable


  • Highly expensive


Suppose you want to invest a little more in getting a premium kids game with many benefits. In that case, Hapinest cards game can be the kid’s best partner. They are primarily built to enhance the child’s productivity enabling them to enjoy immensely. The kids can enjoy themselves with the whole family and friends while playing this quality game.

Things to consider while choosing the suitable backyard games for kids

Various top-notch brands consistently manufacture premium quality outdoor games for kids allowing them to get rid of electronic devices. These games are beneficial to make kids physically fit while enhancing their minds and intelligence.

Choosing the ideal Fun Backyard Games for Kids is an intimidating task when you have plenty of superior quality games in front of you. Are you confused? Don’t worry, as our ultimate guide has made it easier! Follow up the factors mentioned below to get a suitable game for your kids.

· Ease of use

The foremost thing to look for in backyard games is the ease of use. Find the kids a game that’s effortless to play and also features a quick installation. It will help utilize less time allowing the kids to enjoy more.

· Price

Consider the price! Limited budget people find it daunting to spend a hefty amount on getting an outdoor game for their kids. Look for a game that ensures durability and affordability goes hand in hand to provide kids a premium experience.

· Protection and safety

The safety and protection of kids are your top priority. The game should be ideal enough to keep the kids protected from any harm. Our list of 5 Backyard Games for Kids ensures that the kids are safe while playing.

· Portable and lightweight

Getting a lightweight and compact game is essential for the kids to handle reliably. A kid’s game should be light to carry anywhere along with you, and the storage must be portable enough.

· Durability

Lastly, look for durability. Ensure that the games are durable enough to last for extended times. Check out the material carefully and choose the one that’s ultra-durable and sturdy. It will help the kids enjoy the games greatly.


Kids will get bored immediately even after hours of using tablets and smartphones. It’s pretty daunting for the parents to entertain them all the time as they have more work to do. To deal with these situations, outdoor games are introduced and have got the parents covered.

Our list of 5 backyard Games for kids can save you from getting into many models, seriously. These are highly amazing and practical enough to improve your kid’s knowledge and maintain them physically. The kids will learn many exciting things and experience more independently, which’s pretty necessary for a child.

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